About Ice Rebus

ICE REBUS is a world recognized manufacturer of ice vending machines and an EU leader in the ice business.

Certified by European Union

Top quality standards and Eco friendly.


Our ice vending machine is easy to handle and accepts all forms of payment, including credit cards, bills, coins, cashless and more.

It makes ice cubes from purified water, resulting in 100% fresh and safe ice cubes. Our ice vending machine is safer than packaged ice, as there is no human factor in the production process.

To get the ice, customers can fetch a bag that is available at the machine, or use their own icebox.


Machine specifications and requirements


Requirements for the ice vending machine:

Technical details


Ice Rebus responsability

We focus on providing 1st and 3rd party hotspots with practical ice-vending machines for final customers usage, avoiding the need for manual ice production or storage of ice bags.

All our ice vending machines are completely functional, they are self-standing unit that provide full service with little maintenance required. Once the machine is installed, our partners just have to worry on collecting the cash!

Customize your machine.

Tap card machine

You can choose to have a credit card machine delivered with the appropriate setup for your country and currency.

Cash bills

Our machines have the option to cash bills for your currency.

Coins and change

Your clients can also pay with coins and all the change is withdrawn in the bottom.

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