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Ice Vending Machine success case study in a small marina.

Whatever a boat is setting sail for, it is always necessary to carry a container of ice on your boat. Whether for fishing or just to keep your provisions at the ideal temperature, ice is an essential item on any boat. This small marina, which holds approximately one hundred and eighty boats, installed an IceRebus ice vending machine behind the reception area and sold two thousand bags (2.000) of ice in the first four months of operation alone. Although the number of people visiting the marina is not that high, the installation of an IceRebus ice vending machine is essential to deliver convenience and efficiency to the sailors who always need to carry some ice with them on their trips.

Ice Vending Machine close to bus station and a campsite is a huge success.

When choosing the best place to install the good investment of an IceRebus ice vending machine, you have to consider how busy the area is, and what causes the traffic. This ice maker was installed in a small town of only thirty thousand inhabitants, next to the bus station. The location of this ice machine is next to a marina, where you will always need convenient access to ice cubes, and also next to a campsite. This provides campers, who do not have access to a freezer or refrigerator, with an efficient way to purchase ice cubes.

Close availability of fresh ice cubes for an entire campsite.

Campgrounds are popular all over the world and provide a creative and safe way for tourists and travelers looking to experience a connection with nature on their travels, essentially turning their tent into a temporary home. One of the difficulties encountered by campers is an investment opportunity for the campground for an ice franchise; the campers have a constant need to acquire ice to keep drinks cold and to preserve their provisions. This campsite, with a capacity of up to six thousand people, has installed an IceRebus automatic ice vending machine, guaranteeing ice cubes for its users who transit and stay on the property. The campsite is open all year round, and reaches its maximum capacity for five months of the year, so the campsite sells approximately 5,500 bags of ice per year through the IceRebus ice vending machine.

Large marina sells over 2000 bags of ice in the first 4 months.

With a capacity of eight hundred boats, the marina is an ideal location for the installation of an IceRebus automatic ice vending machine. Whether to keep supplies at the ideal temperature or to store fish efficiently, having an ice vending machine located at the entrance of a marina where thousands of people circulate every day ensures a good investment with efficiency and convenience for its users. With approximately two hundred boats available for rental, the marina becomes the stage for a different crowd every day, which increases the number of potential consumers who benefit from an ice vending machine being installed there. Being installed right in front of the marina, in only seven months of operation the IceRebus ice vending machine has sold approximately six thousand bags of ice to thousands of customers.

Local resort in front of a supermarket became the main Ice cube provider in the region.

Everywhere in the world, it is common to find bags of ice being sold in supermarkets, and they are one of the main destinations for consumers looking for cubed ice. Thus, this ideal location for an ice franchise takes into account the traffic in the area and the potential to bring a more efficient solution to purchase ice cubes for the passing public. This IceRebus automatic ice machine was installed at the entrance of a small tourist resort that is right across from the only supermarket in the area, the ice vending machine is operational for only six months while the resort is open. Resort guests, local residents, and tourists alike prefer to buy ice cubes directly from the IceRebus ice vending machine rather than from the supermarket, guaranteeing a staggering nine thousand bags of ice a year for this franchise.

Gas Station is an ideal place for an automated Ice Vending Machine.

Gas stations are commonly approached by customers looking for bags of ice, so it is an ideal location for the installation of an ice vending machine that aims to bring more comfort and convenience to the consumer. This IceRebus ice vending machine was installed at the entrance of a gas station in Buenos Aires. It is active all year round selling eight thousand bags of ice per year. The great investment of an ice vending machine installed in a gas station is due to the dense movement of people all year round, and the enormous convenience in the process of buying ice cubes, with no need to enter the convenience store, no queues, and no interaction with other people.

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