Frequently asked questions about Ice Vending Machine

The Ice Vending Machine prices vary depending on what kind of equipment you want.

They range from 13.500 to 16.000 euros. You can also expect some variation in price

depending on the fluctuation in the price of materials.

The Ice Vending machine uses pre-filtered water to produce ice cubes. These ice cubes

are stored in the 180kg-capacity storage inside the device. When the storage is full, the

machine stops production until the produced ice cubes are sold. Production starts again

when the ice cube levels in the storage go down.

This depends on your currency and your country’s regulations. The Ice Vending machine

makes available all payment methods your country allows you to offer.

The Ice Vending machine can have its exterior design, payment options, and filtration options customised to meet your client’s needs.
IceRebus has extensive research to help you decide where to put your machine based on data like the number of people in a camping area, the number of boats in a marina, supermarket customers, gas stations, and other installation spots. We recommend installing your Ice Vending machine in a place with lots of potential customers.

IceRebus provides a calculator on our website to help you estimate your profit. The main cost is electricity. The consumption varies from 800kw to 5000kw a year, depending on how much ice your machine produces daily. If no one is buying, your machine will be on standby, and consumption will be very low.

The IceRebus Ice Vending Machine uses water to produce the ice, so if you sell 4 tons of ice cubes, it will have consumed 4m³ of water. Add around 10% of that water to cover for any meltings.

Other costs depend on how you organise your business, how many times you visit the site, and the equipment of your machine. With remote control, you will need even fewer visits.

There’s also a depurator that softens the water. You will need to fill the depurator every 2 weeks, adding a small salt cost.

Finally, if you offer free bags to your customers, you will have to replace those bags. The cost of plastic bags is around 0,08 euros per bag as of writing this FAQ.

This depends on how much ice you sell yearly and your operation costs. Use the calculator on our website for a more accurate prediction.

The cost of shipping needs to be checked on your side. We provide you with the CBM (cubic metres), depending on how many machines you acquire.

If you would like us to check transport costs for you, we need the delivery address and the number of machines required.

You will need access to water, electricity, a small water drain on the location, and a flat surface for proper installation.

Franchising means we will share our knowledge on where to install and how to make deals with gas stations, supermarkets, marinas, and others. It also means we will sell only to you in that area so that you will have exclusivity on our machines in your region. You need to acquire a minimum number of IceRebus Ice Vending machines each year to keep your franchise.

It’s one of the fastest and less exploited businesses currently, and it’s easy to get started.

Ice is one of the fastest-growing markets in Europe, Africa, and Asia. This market has boomed in the packaged ice industry in America, reaching 4 billion dollars in sales. Europe still hasn’t scratched the surface of this business, and it’s expected to be 4 times more prominent here than in the Americas.

In Croatia, in 2008, the ice market didn’t exist. Now it’s a market that reaches a revenue of 5 million euros yearly.

We recommend that once a week, you check the machine cleaning sensors and the ice quality, collect the profit, and replace plastic bags. If needed, we also provide training in our facility.

All that is needed is electricity, water, a water drain, and a flat surface.

We currently offer the BEST return on investment in the market.

We believe our machines are ahead of others, as we have made these machines for operators. We have a network in Croatia of around 120 machines that we operate, and these machines are made to be easy to operate.

We build machines that we stand behind and successfully operate with our customers in over 500 locations. We also provide our clients with a 2 years guarantee.

Our support service will take care of any issue with the machine. We provide you with assistance and instructions from the beginning, and we won’t forward you to big repair services centres that are usually full of work during the summer and can’t answer the phone.

We are IceRebus, and we got your back!

The Ice Vending machine produces only one size of ice cube, a modular 22x22x22mm cube.

We still don’t have this answer. We produced our first machine in 2010, and that one is still going strong and producing passive income.

Why invest in Ice vending machine?