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Ice Vending Machine

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Selling ice it's a good business like never before

The global ice maker market was valued at $ 4.35bln in 2018, and is projected to reach $6.16. bln by 2024, expending at a CAGR of around 6% in the span of 5 years*.

Recognizing this growing trend we made a machine that is going to be a part of rising business in Europe, we believe, as we offer various solutions to enter the ice market. You don’t even need to buy an ice vending machine since franchise becomes leading model of business in ice industry. Our machine is pretty simple to operate with and it accepts all paying methods that are in use nowadays (bills, coins, credit cards).

Why invest in the Rebus Ice Vending machine?

We focus on providing 1st and 3rd party hotspots with practical ice-vending machines for final customers usage, avoiding the need for manual ice production or storage of ice bags.


100% customized machines.

Choose your payment options:

Tap card machine

You can choose to have a credit card machine delivered with the set-up for your country and currency.

Cash bills

Our machine have the option with cash bills for your currency.

Coins and change

Your clients can also pay with coins and all the change is withdrawn in the bottom.

Customize your brand:

Before After

Simulate your profit

What you waiting for?

You can start ice vending machine business almost anywhere because all cities with good nightlife, beaches, camps, festivals etc have potential to become location for the ice vending machine and your entrance in the ice market! You just need to decide where to put it and if you rather would buy a machine or enter in to franchise business.

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