IceRebus vending machine

Offers Ice in a
new, simple and
efficient way.

Why invest in Ice vending machine?

Making ice easy for people.
Anywhere, anytime.

ICE REBUS is a world recognized manufacturer of
ice  vending machines and an EU leader in the ice business.


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The Ice vending machine business is growing.

We will help You run Your own business in a growing market of ice! There is plenty of possibilities! Marinas, camps, gas stations, traffic places, even Your own garden if it’s in the centre of the happenings … those are all potential places for setting up an ice vending machine!


Super Markets


Resorts &


Gas stations




and more…

Understand the Ice Business

Our machine it’s easy to handle and accepts all ways of payment, including credit cards, bills, coins, cashless. It makes ice cubes from purified water, resulting in 100% fresh and safe ice cubes. Our ice vending machine is safer than packaged ice, as there is no human factor in the production process.

The IceRebus vending machine

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Understand the Ice Business

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